I didn’t really have much faith in my choice of vape liquids as far as social bonding is concerned. In my mind, I thought that when you buy vape juice online, it’s not much different from any other kind of product. To each his own. Everybody has their own personal preferences. There’s really no right or wrong answer.

To a large extent, this is true on an individual basis because everybody has different opinions. Everybody has preferences. Everybody comes from different backgrounds. Everybody’s entitled to their preferences. At this level, any and all answers will get you to the same place.

Interestingly enough, if you want to bond with other people, it helps when you are using certain types of vape liquids. Don’t get too excited. I’m not saying that there is some sort of magical brew or concoction out there that would instantly make you a more magnetic person. I’m not saying that there’s some sort of magical vaping product out there that would somehow turn you into an extremely charismatic person that people can’t seem to say no to.

No such product exists, well at least not literally. What I mean by this is that when you have certain preferences where any kind of product you ingest, it often has an impact on your state of mind. Again, this is not chemical. This is not some sort of hardwired physical response. Instead, this is all psychosomatic. This is what you read into the particular product.

For example, do you have a favorite shirt? Does it seem like you’re more confident and you are more likely to strike up conversations when you’re wearing your favorite outfit? It’s all in your head, obviously. But the effects are all too real.

The same applies to vaping liquids, e-liquids or e-juice. Regardless of what you use, you have a certain mental picture or impression of that product’s effect on your social efficiency and effectiveness. Don’t let this pass you by. Don’t underestimate this. This is a very important effect.

Believe me, psychosomatic effects are just as real as real biochemical effects. As long as it changes your mind so that you perform differently, that is real enough. So do yourself a big favor. If you’re going to an event or you’re bonding over some vape juice with people or you’re going to a vaping lounge and you’re looking to be super comfortable with people you’re trying to impress, bring your favorite vape liquid. This is the vape liquid that you know calms you down and takes you to a whole other level when it comes to your openness to new ideas and new people and new conversation.

Don’t underestimate the power of the human mind’s ability to edit its personal reality.