Why so big?

Traben basses have a unique custom look thanks to our distinctive bridge designs. While these are visually unique the real benefit is to the tone! These larger bridges are designed to provide added mass and additional bridge to body contact. You will hear the difference and even feel the difference from the added resonance in the body. Traben is proud to offer basses with bigger bridges and bigger tone.

Traben's bigger bridge = bigger tone

Traben bigger bridge challenge

The Chaos Concept

If a bigger bridge provides a bigger tone, what is the deal with the Traben Chaos?

If you were thinking something like that then you really get it, when it comes to tone. Indeed, we are committed to maximizing sound and performance by using bridges that have more mass and bridge to body contact. Some players however wanted a slightly more traditional appearance withthat bigger bridge performance. To accomplish this, our design team had to think a little outside of the box (or maybe outside of the bridge).

Visually the Chaos collection sports a bridge that while still larger than most industry standard bridges, is smaller than a typical Traben bridge. In fact, the Chaos bridge provides the same mass as the Phoenix series, which is Traben’s biggest big bridge version. How the heck is that? We hide that extra mass under the top mounted bridge. We have added a special Internal BridgeTM to provide added mass and bridge to body contact. The external and internal bridges are connected to each other as well as the body to maximize performance.

Another unique sonic enhancement found in the Chaos bridge system is the careful selection of metal combinations. While the external bridge is cast from steel the internal bridge is made out of aluminum. The addition of aluminum to this system enhances the low end.

In addition to pulling off the bigger bridge tone with an apparently smaller bridge, the Chaos system features many other unique and important features. This includes locking saddles for added tuning stability and better sonic performance. Strings can be mounted from the external bridge or through the body. The added length of the strings when run through the body gives the bass a tighter feel and can be used for just the low B-string on a five-string to balance out string to string feel. Going beyond the bridge the design team found some new sweet spots to position the humbucking pickups, further enhancing the instruments performance. Sure, the Chaos does not look exactly like its sibling series, but rest assured these basses are every inch and ounce Traben.